Chris-Who are some of your fav lines out right now

Dave-LEVIS 505

Chris-True True

Chris-Now you used to be the manager of the zooyork team how was that

Dave-one of the hardest jobs i ever had try getting 8 skaters to a demo while driving a Van that's so hot and so stinky every day in the middle of the summer. it was fun and it was hard work at the same time you have to multi task and stay focus.

Chris-Now every time you get down with a shoe company you bring heat,how long does it take for you to come up with your concepts

Dave- it doesn't take too long cuz i have so many crazy ideas in my head that i'd like to do so when something comes up it's like boom i have already to go.

Chris-What keeps you motivated to create?

Dave- What keeps me going is you guys i like to make stuff that you guys want to have. To know that there are people out there that like my stuff that makes me happy and makes me want to make more stuff.

No doubt but uh

Chris-Who are some of your inspirations


Haha same here

Chris-What are you listening to right now and who is your fav artist

Chris-Any last words for the DQM fans???

Dve-To the DQM fans out there thank you for the support with out you guys we are nothing...thank you so much..